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Knowledge Management Associates

KMA Knowledge Management Associates GmbH advises companies in the implementation of Knowledge Management and in ist performance improvement.

Professional KM means to strengthen competitiveness, profitability, sustainability, and happiness in the organizations. We apply an integrated KM approach: strategy, organization, people, and technology must complement each other in order for knowledge management to come to fruition. We advise a wide range of organizations, including international companies and organizations, as well as highly specialized small and medium enterprises and NGOs.
We work in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and also support knowledge partnerships and business collaboration for sustainable development

Knowledge Management Academy

The KM Academy has trained generations of knowledge managers in German and English language. The KM Certification Course offers a comprehensive education and immersion in knowledge management. Our online- and in-house Trainings are aimed at companies who have already acquired basic understanding of knowledge management and want to build upon this foundation.

Knowledge Management Austria

The nonprofit organization Knowledge Management Austria / Institute of Knowledge Management provides a scientific basis and innovative services for the successful management of knowledge in business and society. Networking services by members, which involves both practitioners and researchers in knowledge management, makes the exchange of experiences and ideas possible and supports the dissemination of knowledge in the KM community.

KM Community

KMA takes pride in bringing different interest groups together on the topics of KM, knowledge work and knowledge policymaking, from practitioners and scientists all the way to stakeholders, administrators, and politicians.

In order to better facilitate this convergence of professionals, we established a special forum: the Knowledge Partnership, with the mandate to promote a liveable, effective and sustainable knowledge community, the exchange of ideas and experiences and setting initiatives.

The conference Agenda Knowledge represents the apex of this community, thus forming a link to the international KM society. The Knowledge Partnership is run by Knowledge Management Austria.

Knowledge partnership

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