Knowledge Management Platform

Faculty KM Academy International

MMag. Dr. Andreas Brandner

Founder and CEO of KMA; coach, consultant, and researcher in the field of Knowledge Management. Focus on Knowledge Politics, KM Strategies, and implementation of KM. The initiator of KM conferences and networks. Member of The New Club of Paris.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Güldenberg

Professor in the field of international management at the Institute for Entrepreneurship of the University of Liechtenstein. Professor Güldenberg is active as a researcher and lecturer in the areas of strategy, leadership, change management, and Knowledge Management. He has served as a visiting professor at Harvard University and was awarded the KM Award in 2011.

Prof. Dipl.-Inf. Günter Koch

General Secretary of the New Club of Paris, a global think tank for the knowledge economy. Partner of KMA. Earlier he was CEO of the European Software Institute and of the Austrian Institute of Technology, where he implemented the first Knowledge Report, which has become a standard for all universities in Austria.

Dipl.-soc. Oliver Haas

Oliver Haas has been working in the field of international cooperation since 2001. At the moment he is heading the Competence Center for Information and Knowledge Management at GIZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH.

Ugo Ugbor, PhD

Ugo Ugbor is a Knowledge Management Specialist at the IAEA and is responsible for the e-Learning Platform. He has published the first book on Knowledge Management in International Organizations and teaches at multiple universities on International KM.

Mag. Birgit Gobi

KM Region leads for Europe, the Middle East & Africa, and acting Global Lead at Hewlett-Packard Technology Consulting; coach and consultant in the field of Knowledge Management. A faculty member of the KM Academy since 2003.

Univ.-Doz. Dr. Michael Heiss

Michael Heiss is responsible for the global Open Innovation Networks of Siemens AG, where he initiated and implemented the global social media platform Siemens-TechnoWeb. As a scientist, he teaches at the Technical University of Vienna.

Mag. Rudi Krcma

Rudi Krcma has been a Partner of KMA since 2005, acting as a coach and consultant in Knowledge Management. For many years he held management positions at Hewlett-Packard as Knowledge Manager, Quality Manager, and Business Developer.

Götz Piwinger

Götz is the founder and CEO of Orgabrain a KM Consulting and IT Company providing integrated solutions for Knowledge Management, Learning Management, and Information Management.

Prof. Dr. Klaus North

Klaus North teaches International Business Management at Wiesbaden Business School, Germany. He holds 15 years of practical experience in Organizational Development and Management Consultancy worldwide, for instance at the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

Prof. Dr. Yanko Yanev

Yanko Yanev headed the Nuclear Knowledge Management Unit at the IAEA for more than 10 years and received the Knowledge Management Award in 2010. He currently serves as CEO of the Nuclear Knowledge Management Institute.

Dr. Charles Savage

Dr. Savage is the president of Knowledge Era Enterprising. He authored “Fifth Generation Management“ in 1996, which has been reprinted in several new additions and has since become a global standard on Knowledge Networking. Dr. Savage works as a coach and KM consultant in the US, Europe, and Asia and used to serve in management-level posts at various international enterprises. Founder of the World Café, recipient of the 2010 KM Award and member of The New Club of Paris.