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KM Essentials Training Course

How is Knowledge Management implemented successfully?

The KM Essentials Training Course focuses on essential concepts, methods and tools to anchor KM successfully in the organisation, including the implementation of a km-assessment, development of a KM policy and strategy, leadership to establish the right knowledge culture, establishing communities of practice successfully, defining and optimizing key knowledge processes, using modern IT-tools and measuring the success of KM. The implementation of KM including awareness campaigns is also a key element in this training.

Who should participate?

  • Knowledge Managers who want to be perform at a high level
  • Managers, who are responsible for leading knowledge workers and a knowledge enterprise
  • Professionals with responsibilities linked with KM, aiming to be a competent partner


  • Assessing the KM status and drafting a KM Concept for the future of my organization
  • How to fulfill the KM-requirements of ISO-Standards 30401 on Knowledge Management
  • Optimizing knowledge processes, anchoring KM methods in business processes
  • Facilitating Communities of Practice and international knowledge networks
  • Designing and optimizing knowledge products and knowledge services
  • Analysing and Measuring the impacts of Knowledge Management and reporting on KM
  • Developing a KM Awareness Campaign and communicate effectively on KM


Andreas Brandner (KMA), Birgit Gobi (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Petra Herout (HORIZONT3000)

Venue and Dates

Vienna (German): 5.10.-6.10.2021, KM Academy, Gersthofer Straße 162, 1180 Vienna, Austria

Online (English): 19.10.2021-20.10.2021


Vienna f2f: 1.396 EUROs

Online: 898 EUROs

SPECIAL OFFER: 1+1 = 1,5

The second participant only pays 50% of the price. Learning together doubles fun and halves the price!


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