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7-11 October 2019

KMA and Knowledge City present an attractive and comprehensive programme at Vienna.Knowledge.Week for those who want to get fit for the knowledge economy and to co-create better knowledge societies.

KM Essentials Training will take place from 7-8 October 2019

Knowledge Partnership Meeting on 9 October 2019 (Programme will follow)

KM Advanced Training will take place from 10-11 October 2019.


Knowledge Management Awards 2018

During the Knowledge for Development Partnership Conference in Geneva on 12 September 2018, the KM Awards 2018 have been given to outstanding pioneers in the field of Knowledge Management and Knowledge-based Development.

The KM Awards have been given to IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development and the CEO of MIDHCO, Dr. Ali Asghar Pourmand. IFAD has been identified and recognized for an almost 10 years achievement in KM.

KM Award2018 web

KM Awards 2018

IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development and
Dr. Ali Asghar Pourmand, CEO of MIDHCO
(received on his behalf by Dr. Bahram Jelodari)

on the foto from left to right:
Alexandra Samoulada, UN Joint Inspection Unit – KM Award 2017,
Dr. Sarah Cummings, Managing Director Knowledge for Development Partnership,
Dr. Sara Savastano, IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development KM – KM Award 2018
Dr. Andreas Brandner, Managing Director Knowledge Management Austria
Dr. Bahram Jelodari PhD, MIDHCO – KM Award 2018

IFAD is recognized for its consistent strategic orientation in KM aligned with the mandate and objectives of IFAD, as well as with the SDGs; its competent and comprehensive implementation, anchoring KM in the operational processes; strong leadership, commitment and support by the management; its continuous improvement efforts and learning from experience, including the current strategy review; and finally its active contributions to the global Knowledge for Development Partnership and other thematic communities. The leading role of IFAD in promoting the Agenda Knowledge and the development of national knowledge strategies at the high-level political forum of the UN in New York in July 2018 is recognized and appreciated.

Ali Asghar Pourmand is CEO of the Iranian company MIDHCO, having achieved an outstanding business success in the Iranian Mining Industry as a fully private company. Mr. Pourmand has put knowledge at the heart of MIDHCO´s strategy from the very beginning of its foundation in 2007. After only 10 years MIDHCO has reached a market capitalization of more than 7 billion USD. Knowledge Management is all over the company including technological innovation and learning strategies in a less developed region in Iran, where educational and professional opportunities at a high international level are rare. Located in the desert of Iran, MIDHCO´s projects and companies create jobs for about 15,000 people directly and 300,000 indirectly, contributing significantly to the sustainable development of this region. With this KM Award 2018 Knowledge Management Austria highlights the achievements of a private sector company taking responsibility in the economic, social and sustainable development of the region and country based on knowledge, values and leadership – specifically of its CEO Pourmand and his management Team.

Knowledge City GmbH established

To profile Vienna as a Knowledge City and to support also other cities in advancing their knowledge ecosystem is the mission of the recently established Knowledge City. In Close cooperation with the global Knowledge for Development Partnership we will create an Agenda for Vienna, to position as an active partner in the global Agenda Knowledge for Development. Knowledge City collaborates with Partners in Sofia, Dubai, Nairobi, Kampala, Genf, Berlin, Serekunda, to make the best knowledge in each city also available for the other ones.

More information:

KM Certification Course October 2019 in Vienna

The KM Essentials Training Course from 7-8 June 2019 is the starting point for the upcoming Knowledge Management Certification Course in Vienna. Together with the KM Advanced Training Course, 10-11 October 2019, participation in special online-modules, review of receommended literature, the development of a case study – mostly a KM concept for the own organisation – and the defensio of this case study, the participants are awarded „Certified Knowledge Manager“, which is internationally appreciated as a guarantee for a highlevel education based on theory and practice in Knowledge Management. Registrations are still possible.

Knowledge for Development

Knowledge is the essential resource for societal and economic development in the world. KMA has initiated the „Agenda Knowledge for Development“ that is aimed at providing a universal knowledge framework offering guiding principles, nurturing the dialogue on knowledge, strengthening the global knowledge ecosystems, and, ultimately, contributing to better success in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

On Monday, 4th of April 2017, KMA has co-founded the Knowledge for Development Partnership, the world´s leading global multi-stakeholder partnership focusing on Knowledge as a resource for development in general and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in specific. This new International Organisation is established as an association in Vienna, Austria. New Managing Directors are Mr. Andreas Brandner (Austria), Ms

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On this Occasion, the third edition of the Agenda Knowledge for Development has been presented, which was initially presented at the Knowledge for Development Summit 2016 in Vienna, hosted by KMA.
Download the Agenda Knowledge for Development as a pdf.

Good to know!

KMA Knowledge Management Associates GmbH was founded in 2001 in Vienna, Austria as a provider and developer of Knowledge Management (KM) services. Our mission is to support companies, their employees, as well as cities and regions in achieving outstanding business results through excellence in KM. The KM Academy provides experience and expertise through consultancy, research, education and practical skills training, which includes a comprehensive KM Certification Course

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. KMA strives to develop challenging and complex projects and support companies in improving their KM Practice. Knowledge Management Austria is a hub of research, innovation and communal cooperation in central Europe, developing groundbreaking concepts, methods and instruments for the implementation of Knowledge Management.

With its location in Vienna KMA is hosted by a city with a grand tradition for the high-level exchange of ideas and new and daring concepts. The company boasts a well-established German-speaking home market and cultivates excellent relations with eastern European countries as well as with international organisations (IO’s) and multinational corporations (MNC’s). Most of our Vienna-based trainings are provided in German, but in cooperation with our international partners and training staff we offer the full range of services in English and in any part of the world.

We collaborate with many of the world’s leading experts in the field of KM and would gladly welcome the chance to work with you on implementing KM in your organisation, because we believe that knowledge works.