Knowledge works.

EN Consulting

Our Consulting Approach

KMA supports businesses, NPOs and public administration in overcoming strategic challenges by professionalising their knowledge management resources.

Our advantage lies in our understanding of the dynamic interplay between knowledge and action, which we achieve by:

  • Focus: KM is our core principle and our contribution to personal and organisational success
  • Overview: KM only works through the harmonisation of strategy, technology and human capital. Mastery of this dynamic reciprocity is a special strength of KMA
  • Combining practice, research, education and consultancy: Our management competency is theoretically grounded in a multiple use approach, conditioned by practical application and optimised through dialogue
  • Our commitment to staying unique: The process of implementing KM is as individualised as the people and organisations it is directed towards. Tailor-made approaches are part and parcel of our one-of-a-kind service.

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