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International organisations and corporations have a tremendous repository of knowledge and ideas based on the diversity of their staff’s skills, experiences, and cultural backgrounds and perspectives. However, organisational and cultural barriers often hamper the exploitation of this rich potential and result in a failure to capitalise on the existing knowledge base. Knowledge Management is a systematic approach to identifying, acquiring, capturing, transforming, developing, disseminating, using, sharing and preserving knowledge that is conducive to achieving the specific objectives of international organisations and corporations.

KMA offers a unique, practice-oriented training programme in KM for individuals in different fields by bundling the practical experiences of KM pioneers from various organisations and corporations such as Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, PwC, UNDP, World Bank, GIZ, IAEA and other. The aim of the curriculum is to help optimise the KM and organisational learning capacity of individuals as well as organisations. Our training courses are geared towards improving the generation, capture, co-creation and sharing of knowledge on a global level, thereby contributing to more efficient KM across borders in international organisations.

Based on our in-house training experiences we have developed “Knowledge Management Essentials” composed of three central pillars of international KM: (1) the KM Briefing, (2) the KM Essentials Training Course and (3) the KM Advanced Training Course. Each course is tailored to different needs and desires. The choice is yours!