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Inhouse Training Seminars and Workshops

Based on the educational programme of the KM Academy and 15 years of consulting experience, KMA offers inhouse training seminar and workshops tailored to the specific needs of your organisation

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. A mainly inhouse training experience is combined with a review of your KM practice and the (re)design of your KM Strategy. Some of the topics we include in the inhouse trainings / strategy workshops are:

  • Assessing the quality of your KM Practice with a KM Assessment
  • Defining policies and strategies in International KM
  • Connecting Knowledge Workers and improving Knowledge Transfer
  • Implementing methods and tools for International KM
  • Measuring the value and performance of Knowledge Management
  • Capturing critical Knowledge for sustainable performance
  • Transferring Knowledge of departing experts
  • Implementing KM Awareness Campaigns
  • Establishing Knowledge Partnerships on a transnational level
  • Empowering Communities of Practice through the use of social media
  • Making use of big data for your knowledge-driven services

Experts leave – knowledge stays

Using Knowledge Management to facilitate staff transitions and to overcome demographic challenges.

Appointment: by arrangement

Implementing KM with SharePoint

SharePoint and Microsoft Word Products offer an integrated solution to the challenge of developing knowledge throughout its digital life cycle. In particular SharePoint will be presented as a solution to Knowledge Management.

Appointment: by arrangement

Knowledge Management in Projects

How can knowledge be specifically integrated into a project and how is knowledge interchangeable between multiple projects? How do organisations draw lessons from their projects?

Appointment: by arrangement

Train the Experts

Knowledge Management for technical experts – how to structure Knowledge Work more creatively, understandably and effectively.

Appointment: by arrangement

Knowledge Management in Public Administration

A modern and progressive administration that increasingly works on projects in cooperation with other organisations requires methods for the efficient and effective use of knowledge resources.

Appointment: by arrangement

Manage and Command International Knowledge Networks

This seminar allows you to unlock and define your personal approach to Knowledge Networks. Case studies are referenced to provide insights and impetus for your own networking initiatives.

Appointment: by arrangement

Unlocking Creative Potential

One of today’s most crucial prerequisites for successful Knowledge Work is the ability to transform creative ideas into groundbreaking innovations. By harnessing the power of collective thinking, it is possible to break through the glass barrier and achieve unprecedented heights.

Appointment: by arrangement

Learning from the Future and Knowledge-based Management

Acquire game-changing ideas and concepts for your own organisation in order to advance knowledge-based management and vision development.

Appointment: by arrangement

Web 2.0 and Social Software

What can businesses gain from the 2.0 movement? How can social software be successfully implemented in organisations?

Appointment: by arrangement

Knowledge Sharing with Large Group Methods

How can large group methods support the transfer of knowledge help in the creation of Knowledge Networks? This seminar will equip you with the basics and implementation tools of these methods.

Appointment: by arrangement

Knowledge-based Innovation Governance

Strong innovative capacity is highly conducive to success in our modern economy. This seminar focuses on how to coordinate innovation processes with knowledge, project and risk management.

Appointment: by arrangement

Taking Stock and Control of Knowledge Resources

This seminar teaches you how to apply stock-taking procedures as well as the corresponding creation methodology. You will also discuss the trends that define a company’s valuation.

Appointment: by arrangement

Knowledge Management in Mergers and Acquisitions

Consolidation and acquisition form large parts of the strategic measures needed to develop a business. The seminar tackles consolidation and acquisition from a KM point-of-view.

Appointment: by arrangement

Establishing KM in Business Procedures

How is knowledge transported, utilised and processed in business procedures? How can KM be integrated in a successful and sustainable way?

Appointment: by arrangement

Knowledge Cities and Knowledge Regions

This seminar presents strategies for regional and national KM as well as their corresponding implementation methods. A strategic and comprehensive approach for the development and promotion of knowledge in cities, regions and states forms the core focus of the seminar

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