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EN KM Advanced Training Course

KM Advanced Training Course


Which knowledge strategies are simple yet effective? How can I establish a Knowledge Network that transcends departments and organisations? How do I secure knowledge and make it easily and reliably available to all company staff? How can global Knowledge Networks co-create the future?

This training session is dedicated to Knowledge Managers who already have a solid understanding of Knowledge Management or have gathered practical KM-experience in an International Organization or Corporation. Participants will learn how to meet the real challenges of KM in an international context, such as managing global knowledge networks, establishing and maintaining a knowledge-sharing culture and reducing the risk of knowledge loss. Key aspects of Knowledge Politics and the Knowledge Society will be presented and discussed.

You will learn how to establish knowledge services such as filtering and brokering of knowledge and increase the value of big data.

Presentations regarding the experiences of Siemens, UNDP, IAEA, Microsoft and other international companies and organisations will provide participants with references for comprehensive knowledge management programmes.


  • Leading knowledge workers and creating a knowledge sharing culture
  • Unleashing the creative power of diversity
  • Building up and managing global Knowledge Networks
  • Repositioning Intranets as Knowledge Portals
  • Creating and transferring knowledge through social media
  • Brokering knowledge as a service
  • Assessing Knowledge Loss Risks and Facilitating Leaving Expert Debriefings
  • Integrating KM into processes and projects
  • Understanding the challenges of Knowledge Politics

Date and Location

14-15 March 2019 (2 days)

Knowledge Management Academy, Gersthofer Strasse 162, 1180 Vienna, Austria


Andreas Brandner (KMA), Michael Heiss (Siemens AG), Rudi Krcma (KMA), Haider Shnawa (ShareVision IT) and other trainers.


EUR 1.390,- (excluding 20% VAT)

SPECIAL OFFER: 1+1 = 1,2

The second participant only pays 20% of the price. Learning together doubles fun and (almost) halves the price!