Knowledge works.

EN KM Briefing

KM Briefing

What is Knowledge Management and how does it create value?

The half-day KM Briefing provides an overview of the concept and best practices in Knowledge Management. It gives an orientation and seeks to help the participants to position a KM Initiative in their organization.

During this half-day event, KM-pioneers Andreas Brandner and Yanko Yanev give a management briefing on the KM Concept, and a portfolio of critical issues from KM Strategy development to Knowledge Networking with numerous best practices and case studies.

The half-day briefing concludes with a Q&A session allowing participants to raise their specific questions and KM-related challenges.



  • Understand the principals and basic models of Knowledge Management
  • Why to engage in KM and how to position a KM project strategically
  • Know about key roles, processes and instruments of Knowledge Management
  • The role of the leader and how to organize knowledge management
  • Key success factors for implementation
  • Best Practices in international companies and organisations



Dr. Andreas Brandner, KMA and Mag. Petra Herout, KMA


Date and Venue

30 January 2019, 09.00 to 12.30

Knowledge Management Academy, Gersthofer Strasse 162, 1180 Vienna, Austria



390 Euro plus 20%VAT

SPECIAL OFFER: 1+1 = 1,2

The second participant of the same company only pays 20% of the price. Learning together doubles fun and (almost) halves the price!