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EN Knowledge Management Certificate

The Knowledge Management Certificate

of the KM Academy stands for a state-of-the-art and practice-oriented education in Knowledge Management. With the Knowledge Management Certificate your position as an expert in Knowledge Management within your company and on the international markets. You demonstrate your innovative, strategic and transdisciplinary thinking, ability to apply KM concepts in a real context and to establish and lead a km initiative!

The KM-A Concept

  • Learn from and with the global pioneers in the field of Knowledge Management
  • Experience, how KM creates value in practice
  • Apply KM instruments in processes and projects accepted and appreciated by colleagues
  • Work in Communities of Practice and learn from peers and international experts
  • Inspire your colleagues and unleash the creativity of your Company

Steps towards the Certificate

To achieve the Certificate of the KM Academy you

  • participate in the KM Essentials and KM Advanced Training Courses
  • join a Knowledge Partnership meeting to get into the community (these are always linked with the trainings) and discuss hot upcoming topics
  • you study the learning material provided and internalize the learnings
  • you reflect your learnins in your daily practice and develop a case study (eg a km concept for your company)
  • present your case study and real practical achievements to the faculty and demonstrate your deep understanding of the subject

The regular participation in KM events and KM communities is recommended.

The Faculty

The experienced KM pioneers and practitioners are a key assets of the KM Academy. They cover a wide spectrum a societal sectors, industries and organisations. Based on a long-standing and trustful collaboration at the KM Academy we provide a sound and comprehensive body of knowledge in KM. Some of the alumni of the KM Academy have become members of the Faculty themselves, sharing their learnings and practical experiences with the participants. This Faculty creates a unique atmosphere and opens the doors to the future of KM.

The Courses

KM Essentials Training Course

How can Knowledge Management be implemented internationally? › mehr

KM Advanced Training Course

Tailoring KM at the state-of-the-art! › mehr


KM Essentials Training Course: EUR 1.390,-
KM Advanced Training Course: EUR 1.390,-

SPECIAL OFFER: 1+1 = 1,2

The second participant only pays 20% of the price. Learning together doubles fun and (almost)  halves the price!


Supervision of the case study, advise and support, and examination fee: EUR 490,-

All prices to not include 20% VAT.

The price includes cost for the Courses, learning material and meals during the training days. Travelling and accomodation is not included.


If your are interested to register, please contact us by sending an email to

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Telephone: +43.1.470 29 09