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The  Agenda Knowledge for Development

KMA is proud to provide here the second edition of the Agenda Knowledge for Development

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. It is aimed at providing a universal knowledge framework offering guiding principles, nurturing the dialogue on knowledge, strengthening the global knowledge ecosystems, and, ultimately, contributing to better success in achieving the SDGs

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. With this Agenda, we are starting a new chapter in the advancement of knowledge societies and the collaboration in the knowledge communities. Please promote, distribute, share it whereever you can. It also includes the 73 Statements on visions for future knowledge societies and measures to implement them, which formed the essential input for the Agenda K4D.


The K4D Agenda-Process was initiated about 1 year ago and after collecting statement from almost 50 outstanding figures in the field of development (see we could present the first edition in Vienna on October 14. Many KM4Dev members have contributed and participated in the event, where the KM Award 2016 was given to KM4Dev.

Next steps

K4D-Conference April Geneva 2017: The feedbacks we received and additional considerations are now integrated into the document, which is open for feedback here in this list and in our specific forum  on the Agenda K4D:  There was a vibrant discussion in London at London School of Economics on March 1 with Sarah Cummings, which provided further Input. The improved Agenda, based on altogether 73 statements is now available and will be physically distributed at the K4D Geneva 2017 “Knowledge for development: Global Partnership Conference 2017” at the UN Headquarters in Geneva on April 3-4. Plenty of high-level experts, practitioners and diplomats will be invited and also the KM-Inspection Report of the UN Joint Inspection Unit will be presented there.


The Agenda K4D as well as other activities and actors – like specifically Petru Dumitriu, the Inspector responsible for the KM-Inspection 2016 of the UN System – have finally contributed to the fact that the General Assembly of the United Nations will include a statement on KM within its upcoming Quadrennial Policy Review Resolution. This means that KM will be formally recommended and required at the highest possible level of the UN System. A big achievement!

KM4Dev-Community Meeting

The day before the conference, on Sunday, 2 April from 10.00 to 16.00 the KM4Dev-Community will have an internal meeting – open to all KM4Dev-Members – to discuss and further develop the Community. You are most welcome!


We want to thank Sarah Cummings, Peter Bury, Günter Koch, Petra Herout specifically for their hard work on the Agenda and also all the authors of the statements and the many supporters without whom this initiative would not have been this kind of success. It was a great experience for me to work with the KM4Dev-Community on this unique initiative!
Written by
Andreas Brandner