Knowledge Management Platform

The KM Association Austria

Objectives of the Association

KM-A is positioned as a research and networking organization in the core areas of knowledge management, knowledge work, and knowledge policy.


The need for international networking, knowledge management, and professionally supported cooperation between practitioners and researcher-led to the founding of the Association Knowledge Management Austria in 2002.

The close partnership with the KM Associates GmbH supports the professional work of the association.

Board and Management

The board is the strategic management body and is formed by representatives of practitioners and researcher:

  • Mag Birgit Gobi
  • Dr. Wolfgang Güttel
  • Prof. Mr. Günter Koch
  • Dr. Paul Kral
  • Günter Penzenauer
  • Mag Elisabeth Wiedermann

Management is the operational management body. Managing directors are

  • Dr. Andreas Brandner and
  • Dr. Manfred Kofranek, MAS.