Knowledge Management Platform

Our Values

Delivering Results For Our Customers

Our work is based on developing an approach specifically tailored to each customer individually. Once an approach has been fleshed out, it serves as the guideline for all of our achievements and resource investments.

Joy in Cooperation

Work amongst partners should take place in a stimulating and cordial environment that promotes teamwork and team spirit

Sustainable Development

Our plans for business development are guided by a long-term perspective combined with initiatives that only reap the full range of benefits after a longer period of time.

Never stopping to push the boundaries – Foster a creative and innovative spirit.

Constantly reinventing and improving our business is an integral part of the work we do. We never recycle and reapply tested methods without having first considered ways to improve them.


We dedicate ourselves to the well being of our society and its inhabitants with innovative ideas and projects such as the Vienna Knowledge Space, the Festival of 1000, the Youth Art Gallery, and many more. Our responsibility towards the environment is summarised in our Environmental Policy Statement.

Competence through conceptual and innovative leadership

We are pioneers in key questions relating to the creative development and imaginative implementation of KM, making us a truly unique and leading provider of KM services

A team of independent thinkers: freedom and responsibility

Our team of individual partners and associates are ethically and economically responsible for the application and dissemination of their knowledge. We support each other mutually in order to abide by that principle.

High degree of self-funding and personal contributions

We support ourselves to the greatest possible extent with our own funds and means, which makes us independent, unconventional, mobile and authentic.

Diversity and international ambition

We strive for diversity in every aspect of our field of work, be it in the make-up of our partners and staff or in the design of our educational, consultancy, research and networking services. Our work is conducted in multiple languages, cultures and media. Our team is multigenerational and co-ed.

We seek out the best minds in our field and approach international customers that have an appreciation for quality. Intercultural work, and especially the English language, is second nature to us.