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Knowledge Management Essentials, 10-11 November 2020

> How is Knowledge Management implemented successfully?

The online KM Essentials Training Course focuses on essential concepts, methods and tools to anchor KM successfully in the organisation, including the implementation of a km-assessment, development of a KM policy and strategy, leadership to establish the right knowledge culture, establishing communities of practice successfully, defining and optimizing key knowledge processes, using modern IT-tools and measuring the success of KM. The implementation of KM including awareness campaigns is also a key element in this training.

Who should participate:

  • Knowledge Managers who want to be perform at a high level.
  • Managers, who are responsible for leading knowledge workers and a knowledge enterprise.
  • Professionals with responsibilities linked with KM, aiming to be a competent partner.


  • Assessing the KM status and drafting a KM Concept for the future of my organization
  • How to fulfill the KM-requirements of ISO-Standards 30401 on Knowledge Management
  • Optimizing knowledge processes, anchoring KM methods in business processes
  • Facilitating Communities of Practice and international knowledge networks
  • Designing and optimizing knowledge products and knowledge services
  • Analysing and Measuring the impacts of Knowledge Management and reporting on KM
  • Developing a KM Awareness Campaign and communicate effectively on KM


10-11 November 2020 (online!)


  • Andreas Brandner, Managing Director
    KM Academy /
  • Birgit Gobi, Knowledge Manager
    Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Petra Herout, Knowledge Manager
  • Erika Hofstätter,


392 Euros + 20% VAT

Special Offer:

1+1 = 1,5. The second participant of the same company pays 50%.

Members of KM Austria and K4DP pay 10% less