Knowledge Management Platform

KM Executives Lounge


Leadership In The Knowledge-Economy

The high-level evening session provides insights on how executives strategically develop KM and lead the Knowledge Management programs.

During this event, KM-pioneers Andreas Brandner and Götz Piwinger invite and discuss with Executives from organizations, which have successfully established KM and act as knowledge leaders.


Dr. Andreas Brandner and Götz Piwinger


  • Applying the principles of KM successfully in the company.
  • Reflecting market drivers like digitalization, ai and sustainable development in your KM policy and strategy
  • How to lead a knowledge organization and to establish a knowledge-sharing culture
  • Anchoring KM in the organization; KM governance policy
  • The role of the leader and how to organize knowledge management
  • Key success factors for implementation
  • Best Practices in international companies and organizations

Dates and venues

Frankfurt: 24.09.2020 (in German)

Vienna: 08.10.2020 (in English), 18.00-21.00

The KM Executive Lounge takes place at special venues in a very decent atmosphere with a meal and drinks. After a few presentations and a high-level panel discussion, there is time for informal talks and sharing of experiences.


390 Euro plus 20%VAT

SPECIAL OFFER: 1+1 = 1,5

The second participant of the same company only pays 50% of the price. Learning together doubles fun and halves the price!