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KMA educates and advises Knowledge Managers and connects the KM Community in Austria and the world.

Upcoming KM Certification Courses in October 2021. Register now!

We are happy to announce that our upcoming Certification Courses and Special Trainings in English and German language.

The KM Certification Course includes three trainings, eLearning modules, assignments, and the development of a case study. Click here to learn more.

Special Trainings provide deeper insights in selected, relevant areas:

Registation is open. Email us to receive more information or to register for courses.

Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence

Digitalization today mostly means the digitalization of knowledge processes. Data collection and analysis, information processing and visualization, knowledge sharing, and capturing are core activities of Knowledge Management. Which perform better when digital. Knowledge Management provides the organizational context for successful digitalization- and AI-projects. Specifically, the development of integrated knowledge hubs and knowledge graphs are the backbone of connected data, information, as well as of explainable artificial intelligence solutions. Independant of, but well connected with world-leading IT partners, KMA provides high-end solutions for companies, who want to know more than their competitors. Digitalization, knowledge graphs, and artificial intelligence are also subject to the KM Advanced Training Course.

KM Certification Course

The next online KM Certification Courses take place in November 2021 (German in Vienna f2f, English online). Registration is open.

Agenda Knowledge

Download here the 3rd edition of the global Agenda Knowledge for Development, co-authored by KM-A.

Knowledge for Development

Knowledge is an essential resource for societal and economic development in the world. KMA has initiated the „Agenda Knowledge for Development“. That is aimed at providing a universal knowledge framework offering guiding principles, nurturing the dialogue on knowledge and, ultimately, contributing to better success in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

In April 2017, KMA has co-founded the Knowledge for Development Partnership. The world´s leading global multi-stakeholder partnership focusing on knowledge as a resource for development in general and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in specific. This new International Organisation is established as an association in Vienna, Austria. New Managing Directors are Mr. Andreas Brandner (Austria), Ms. Sarah Cummings (Netherlands), HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan (UAE), and Ms. Mary Suzan Abbo (Uganda).

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On this occasion, the third edition of the Agenda Knowledge for Development has been presented. Which was initially presented at the Knowledge for Development Summit 2016 in Vienna, hosted by KMA.
Download the Agenda Knowledge for Development as a pdf.

Good to know!

KMA Knowledge Management Associates GmbH was founded in 2001 in Vienna, Austria, as a provider and developer of Knowledge Management (KM) services. Our mission is to support companies, their employees, as well as cities and regions in achieving outstanding business results through excellence in KM. The KM Academy provides experience and expertise through consultancy, research, education, and practical skills training. Which includes a comprehensive KM Certification Course. KMA strives to develop challenging and complex projects and supports companies in improving their KM Practice. Knowledge Management Austria is a hub of research, innovation, and communal cooperation in central Europe. Developing groundbreaking concepts, methods, and instruments for the implementation of Knowledge Management.

With its location in Vienna, KMA is hosted by a city with a grand tradition for the high-level exchange of ideas and daring concepts. The company boasts a well-established German-speaking home market and cultivates excellent relations with eastern European countries, as well as with international organizations (IO’s) and multinational corporations (MNC’s). Most of our online trainings are provided in English. However in Vienna we continue to offer the KM Courses in German language as the market leader in Austria, Germany, Switzerland.

We collaborate with many of the world’s leading experts in the field of KM. And would gladly welcome the chance to work with you on implementing KM in your organization because we believe that knowledge works.