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Facilitating Communities and Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships


> How to unleash the full potential of Communities and Partnerships?

Communities and partnerships are a powerful instrument to leverage on the knowledge of a wider group of people from across the organisation or even far beyond. Facilitating Communities requires specific skills and methods, as they are based on voluntary participation and high diversity of everything: roles, goals, context, skills, resources, etc. Diversity however is a strength of communities if handled professionally. Empathy is a must requirement but doesn´t suffice. It requires strong communication with different partners, balancing contributions and take-aways, applying a mix of methods and tools, aiming for common vision and achievements, justifying the efforts/time spent, as well as selling and celebrating successes. This training helps you to become a great Community Facilitator and get the maximum out of your Communities.

Who should participate – and why?

  • Knowledge Managers who want to act as Community facilitators or to support them
  • Community Facilitators and Managers of MSPs; those who aspire to this position
  • Professionals who want to play a driving role in communities, networks, and partnerships


  • Understanding the principles, challenges, success factors, and approaches
  • Applying participatory methods, like World Café, Open Space, Art Walking, Peer Consulting
  • Developing smart knowledge products and services for enhanced visibility of communities
  • Learning about IT-Tools supporting Communities and how to get the maximum out of them


Andreas Brandner, Petra Herout, and Sarah Cummings

Dates and Location

Vienna (German): 20.1.-21.1.2022, KM Academy, Vienna

Online (English): 27.1.-28.1.2022


Vienna f2f: 1.396 EUROs

Online: 898 EUROs

SPECIAL OFFER: 1+1 = 1,5

The second participant only pays 50% of the price. Learning together doubles fun and halves the price!


Register here or send an email to or give us a call: +43 1 4702909