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Knowledge Leadership Workout

> How to lead knowledge workers and create a knowledge sharing culture

Leaders are shaping the knowledge culture of their organisations – explicitly and intentionally or not – and as Peter Drucker, the father of modern management and pioneer for knowledge work, said: “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. But how do knowledge leaders behave, what does a role model do, and how is knowledge sharing fostered without neglecting performance orientation?

Knowledge leadership workout series provides insights and exercises to outperform as a knowledge leader.

Who should participate – and why?

  • Leaders and Managers who lead knowledge workers
  • Knowledge managers, HR managers and others coaching leaders to perform better

Learnings – Knowledge Leadership


  • Understanding the very essentials and the practical implications of knowledge leadership
  • Linking knowledge performance with business performance
  • Acting as a role model; appreciating knowledge work; linking knowledge work with career
  • Leading knowledge leaders and applying the expert model
  • Exploiting the benefits of knowledge networking
  • Establishing and using specific knowledge measures


Andreas Brandner, Rudi Krcma, Charles Savage

Dates and Location

Vienna (German): 14.2.2022

Online (English): 28.2.2022


    Vienna: 399 EUROs

    Online: 299 EUROs

    SPECIAL OFFER: 1+1 = 1,5

    The second participant only pays 50% of the price. Learning together doubles fun and halves the price!


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