Knowledge Management Platform

Connecting the Global Knowledge Community

Austrian Knowledge Partnership

KMA is host of the Austrian Knowledge Partnership, a platform for people, organizations and corporations that are committed to develop a knowledge-based society, that is responsible, high-performing, worth living and sustainable.

The Knowledge Partnership enables the effective cooperation of people, organizations and corporations that are committed to a responsible use of knowledge in society. By sharing knowledge and ideas, attractive, practical and sustainable concepts of knowledge politics are developed and put into practice.

The work of the Knowledge Partnership is future-oriented and reflective, transdisciplinary and internationally connected, non-profit and independent. It is financed by the knowledge partners in a transparent way.

Global Knowledge Partnership

KMA is also connecting the global knowledge community through various activities and events.

In 2016 KMA hosted two international lighthouse events: The 8th Knowledge Cities World Summit and the Knowledge for Development, both in Vienna. In 2017 the lighthouse event will be the Knowledge for Development. Global Partnership Conference 2017. On this occasion, the Global Knowledge for Development Partnership has been inaugurated as an international NGO, based in Vienna, Austria. KMA´s Managing Director has been elected Managing Director of K4DP together with HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Tahnon Al Nahyan (UAE), Dr. Sarah Cummings (NE), and Mary Suzan Abbo (Uganda). For more information see

At this Conference also the Knowledge Management Award was given to outstanding personalities and organizations.

The Knowledge Management Award:
“The Column of Knowledge” by Helmut Margreiter, 2008

Knowledge City Partnerships

KMA facilitates the dialogue in Cities and Region to better understand the challenges of Knowledge Society, Knowledge Economy and Knowledge Management. Knowledge City Partnerships are a local multistakeholder platforms to profile the
city as a Knowledge City and to advance the urban/regional knowledge ecosystem. They have been initiated in Vienna, Sofia, Milan, Nairobi and Kampala. Interested partners from any part of the world may connect with us to establish a Knowledge Partnership as part of our growing Knowledge City Network.
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