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Knowledge for Development

Knowledge is at the heart of Development! KMA is committed to strengthening global K4D-efforts, to advance local, national, and global knowledge ecosystems and to connect the global knowledge community. KMA has initiated and drives the first global Agenda dedicated to the advancement of knowledge societies and to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

Agenda Knowledge for Development and 73 statements by global leaders in development: download

K4D Geneva 2017

Knowledge for Development. Global Partnership Conference 2017

The lighthouse event in 2017 will take place from 3-4 April 2017 in Geneva at the United Nations Office Geneva, Palais des Nations, in cooperation with the Joint Inspection Unit of the UN. Please follow this link to access all information related to the conference.

Participation in this outstanding conference is free! For registration please read the registration instruction, fill the registration form, and send it electronically as described in the instructions to the JIU of the UN in Geneva.

We hope to see you soon there.

K4D Background and Vision

The Initiative “Knowledge for Development” has been started beginning 2015 by the Austrian KM4Dev-Community, established by Andreas Brandner (KMA), Petra Herout (HORIZONT3000) and Ines Egger (Light for the World). The idea was to mobilize 50 world-leading figures in the field of global development representing governments, international organizations, industry, NGOs, and academia. These statements should be the foundation for the formulation of the first set of Knowledge Development Goals and the agenda for their implementation. After 1,5 years of lobbying and advocating, the First Edition of the Agenda Knowledge for Development has been presented in October 2016 at the K4D Summit 2016 in Vienna.


Knowledge represents an indispensable asset to individuals, enterprises and governments alike devoted to the cause of human advancement. The Knowledge for Development Community is at the forefront of a movement that seeks to boost international development by making the best use of the plethora of knowledge and creativity available to societies around the world.

We find ourselves at a momentous crossroads with regard to the future of international development work. In light of the new set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), knowledge must be a priority on the global community’s stated development agenda going forward.

The global Knowledge for Development Community is looking to get to the very heart of these questions and to conceive a set of Knowledge Development Goals (KDGs) for the year 2030. Leading figures in the field of development will be invited to share their visions and ambitions to co-create and collectively constitute these Knowledge Development Goals and Agenda Knowledge for Development. Based on this preliminary, groundbreaking work, a conference in October 2016 will give an opportunity to present, reflect, discuss, and deepen the draft Knowledge Development Goals and the Agenda Knowledge for Development. Representatives from governments, international organizations, NGOs, multilateral finance institutions, industry, and academia will meet to form a living and breathing community of knowledge, following up on and promoting the achievement of the Knowledge Development Goals.

Purpose and Message

The aim of this endeavor is to generate and synthesize the visions for future Knowledge Societies and to sharpen Knowledge Development Goals and a Knowledge Agenda. The diversity of backgrounds amongst the partners shall reflect the heterogeneity of different knowledge identities and cultures.


We are inviting 50 leading personalities from international organizations, governments, NGOs, industry, and academia to contribute a statement to the Agenda Knowledge for Development. Additionally, to these we invite individuals from all over the world to contribute statements and positions to this global Agenda.

Among those 50 leaders, who have contributed a statement already are:

  • Sebastian Kurz, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Austria
  • Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO
  • Sheikh Mohamed Bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi
  • Javier Carrillo, President of the World Capital Institute, Mexico
  • Jose Angelo Estrella Faria, Secretary-General, UNIDROIT
  • Amouzou Bedi, CEO & Founder Knowledge for Development Without Borders
  • Francois Carbonez, Board member IDDC (International Disability and Development Consortium)
  • Alistair D. Edgar, Executive Director, Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS)
  • Petru Dimitriu, Joint Inspection Unit UNO
  • Cecilia Nembou, President of Divine Word University, Papua New Guinea
  • Francis Onencan Onek, Finance, and Administration Manager BOSCO, Uganda
  • Ron McCallum, University of Sydney
  • Kandeh K. Yumkella, Former Under-Secretary-General, United Nations, DG UNIDO
  • Suleiman J. Al-Herbish, Director-General of OFID (the OPEC Fund for International Development)
  • Michael Häupl, Mayor of Vienna, Austria
  • and many others…

The K4Dev Summit

The statements and condensed results

  • Knowledge for Development Goals
  • Knowledge Agenda

have been presented at the K4Dev-Summit on October 14, 2016, in Vienna.

Download here the project briefing and program of the 2016 K4Dev Summit.

The KM Award

The KM Award is given by KMA since 2009 to international pioneers in the field of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Societies. Since 2010, one special award is given to an International Organisation for achievements in advancing Knowledge for Development on a global level. Among the previous winners are UNDP, World Bank, UNESCO, IAEA. In 2016 this Special KM Award was given to the KM4Dev Community (

In 2017 the KM Award will be given to the Joint Inspection Unit of the UN and to Prof.  Leif Edvinsson


The targets we define and the agenda we are setting in the context of this undertaking are in no way binding on the UN, governments, organizations, or any other body. Our aim is nevertheless to raise awareness, to enhance collaboration, and to provide inspiration and orientation to those responsible in their societies for promoting knowledge for development.

Organising Committee

The organization of the conference and any supporting endeavors will be headed by:

  • Andreas Brandner, KMA Knowledge Management Austria (core team, project lead)
  • Petra Koppensteiner, HORIZONT 3000 (core team)
  • Rita Ogunfojuri, KMA Knowledge Management Austria (core team)
  • Ines Egger, Light for the World (core team)
  • Günter Koch, New Club of Paris (core team)
  • Yanko Yanev, NKMI Nuclear Knowledge Management Institute (core team)
  • Amouzou Bedi, Knowledge for Development without Borders (core team)
  • Sarah Cummings, Knowledge Ecologist; KM4Dev (core team)
  • Barbara Regeer, VU University Amsterdam (core team)
  • Sören Bauer, PR Audit (core team)
  • Kristian Hamacher, ONLINECOACH (core team)
  • Oliver Haas, GIZ – Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (steering committee)
  • Ugo Ugbor, IAEA (steering committee)
  • Birgit Gobi, Hewlett-Packard (steering committee)


Dr. Andreas Brandner, General Manager KMA Knowledge Management Austria,

Gersthofer Straße 162, 1180 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 470 29 09