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Knowledge Management Award 2021 Winners!

The Knowledge Management Awards 2021 Winners have been bestowed the “Columns of Knowledge” on the occasion of the Maiden Africa Knowledge Management for Development on 9  December 2021 by Knowledge Management Austria in cooperation with the Knowledge for  Development Partnership.

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We congratulate Eric Tsui, Professor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University for the Individual Award and Green Climate Fund for the special category for International Organisations!

Find here the Thank You message by Eric Tsui, and Leif Edvinsson´s message on the occasion of the KM Award.

Eric Tsui, Professor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Winner of the KM Award 2021 – as an individual

see his profile on LinkedIn

The Green Climate Fund

Winner of the KM Award 2021 – as an International Organisation

see GCFund´s website

We gratulate the winners to their outstanding achievements and look forward to the KM Award Ceremony.


KM Award Ceremony 2021 taking place on 9 December 2021 in Accra and online

Knowledge Management Austria, in collaboration with K4DP, will give the 13th International Knowledge Management Award for individual pioneers in Knowledge Management / Knowledge Societies and for International Organisations on 9 December 2021 on the occasion of the first African Knowledge Management for Agricultural Development Conference. A link to the Ceremony will be provided here in time.

The KM Award 2020 Ceremony highlighted the achievements of UNICEF as an International Organisation with its meaningful, strategic, global and integrated KM Approach, specifically reflecting its recently published Global KM Medium-Term Strategy 2021-2022.

The individual KM Award was given to Kimiz Dalkir, Professor at McGill University, Canada, for her outstanding achievements in academic teaching, research and publishing. Her book “Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice (MIT Press)” is outstanding, inspiring and influencial on a global level. 

    Knowledge Management Award

    Every year since 2009, the international Knowledge Management Award is bestowed upon an international organization as well as an outstanding personalityA jury that is constituted under the auspice of the Association Knowledge Management Austrianominates the candidates. The prize is given in recognition of the winner’s outstanding accomplishments in the research, implementation and innovation of successful management methods for knowledge politics and knowledge management. It is also meant to recognize the impact made on the development of a knowledge society in general and more specifically on knowledge creation, transformation, distribution and application.

    Knowledge Management Award 2019

    The Ceremony of the International Knowledge Management Award 2019 – given annually by Knowledge Management Austria – will take place on the 25th of September at the 1st African Knowledge for Development Partnership Conference at the United Nations Office Nairobi/Kenya. More than 200 participants will celebrate with us the pioneers and achievements in Africa.

    The winners of the Knowledge Management Award 2019 are:

    • ILRI – International Livestock Research Institute
    • Charles Dhewa 

    Join the conference to meet the awardees and to learn from their Achievements.

    Knowledge Management Award 2018

    The KM Awards 2018 have been given at the K4D-Summit during Geneva.Knowledge.Week on 12. September 2018 at the WTO – World Trade Organization in Geneva.

    Winner of the KM Award for International Organisations:
    IFAD – International Fund for Agricultural Development

    Winner of the KM Award for individual achievements:
    Dr. Ali Asghar Pourmand

    KM Award Ceremony at the World Trade Organization, Geneva, 12 September 2018


    • 2009: Prof. Dr. Ursula Schneider-Hendrich
    • 2010: Dr. Charles Savage; IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency
    • 2011: Prof. Dr. Stefan Güldenberg (siehe Bild oben); UNESCO – UN Education, Science and Culture Organization
    • 2012: Prof. Dr. Nico Stehr and UNDP – United Nations Development Programme
    • 2013: World Bank
    • 2014: Prof. Klaus North
    • 2015: DI Dr. Angelika Mittelmann; UNESCO – UN Education, Science and Culture Organization
    • 2016: Dr. Ibrahim Seba Al Marri; KM4Dev Community
    • 2017: JIU Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations System; Prof. Leif Edvinsson
    • 2018: IFAD – International Fund for Agricultural Development; Dr. Ali Asghar Pourmand
    • 2019: ILRI – International Lifestock Research Institute; Charles Dhewa
    • 2020: UNICEF – United Nations International Children Emergency Fund; Prof. Kimiz Dalkir
    • 2021: Green Climate Fund; Prof. Eric Tsui

    The Columns of Knowledge

    The physical instantiation of the KM Award is a metallic sculpture created by the Austrian artist Prof. Helmut Margreiter, named the “Column of Knowledge”. The object depicts the dialogue between established and well-proven knowledge, represented by a glossy, cylindrical pillar, and the innovative pursuit of the unknown, the undefined and fragile, represented by a rough counterpart in a triangular shape. In this respect, knowledge is understood as an intangible, fluid condition between these two worlds where the appreciation of the well-known is combined with a yearning for novelty. The KM Award sculpture was presented for the first time in public in its tall version at the UNESCO World Day for Cultural Diversity on 21 May 2008.